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Symmetry occurs when corresponding elements are balanced and proportionate. Such is the case of Gridlock, a symmetrical design conveying the frenzied movement of a crowded intersection during rush hour. The confluence of colors and lines form stripes, checks and lovely negative space.

Chiffon, Gargoyle, Mustang, Panther

5'x8' / 8'x10' / 9'x12'

Cotton, canvas or rubber

Hospitality | Residential

HT Creative Studio

HT Creative Studio

Alex Hobocienski is principal and founder of HT Creative Studio in Chicago, a consortium of creative minds who are passionate and proficient in all facets of design. By combining art and architecture, their work incorporates pleasing visuals and personal touches relating to the human experience. HT’s stunning rug patterns play on many different themes, including Repetition, Light & Shadow, Gothic Architecture and unexpected geometries that are rich in aesthetics and brimming with individuality.