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Like the song of the siren, the monolith at Lucy Vincent Beach teases, winks and beckons, commanding your attention from up close or far away. Locals in Chilmark call her “The Goddess” for her austere beauty, but she reminds us of an ancient lighthouse keeping watch over ships at sea.

Biscotti, Saffron

5'x8' / 8'x10' / 9'x12'

Cotton, canvas or rubber

Hospitality | Residential

Kiko Singh

Kiko Singh

A principal at BraytonHughes Design Studios in San Francisco, Kiko grew up in Hawaii submerged in the colors and textures of nature. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art at Occidental College, Los Angeles and a second Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Architecture from the Academy of Art University. Fueled by her love of travel and nature, Kiko's rug designs were inspired by the idyllic beaches and salt marshes of Martha’s Vineyard.